Tired of feeling unheard by doctors, staring at confusing lab results, and stuck in healthcare limbo?

You're Not Alone.

Ditch the panic! Decode your blood tests AND understand health results like a BOSS! 

It's as simple as 1-2-3.

1. Download the Blab Card.

2. Join our private Facebook group and learn how to reverse, reduce, or manage your lab results. Connect with other women on similar journeys, share experiences, and find inspiration and support. 

3. Get ready to REALLY understand your body, celebrate your health, and thrive on your own terms. 

By women, for women

  • Knowledge Gap: Many women lack basic understanding of medical terminology and lab tests, leading to confusion and anxiety. The Blab Card and it's community provide clear explanations and resources to bridge this gap.
  • Unequal Communication: Women often report feeling unheard or talked down to by doctors. The Blab Card empowers women with structured information and prompts to facilitate more informed and assertive communication.
  • Lack of Resources: Finding reliable and accessible information about specific health concerns can be difficult. The Blab Card curates a relevant starting point and connects women to a supportive community.
  • Emotional Burden: Navigating health concerns can be overwhelming and isolating. The Blab Card and it's community foster a sense of sisterhood and shared experiences, reducing emotional strain.
  • ​Limited Time: Feeling rushed during appointments can prevent asking important questions or fully understanding information. The Blab Card helps women prepare beforehand and feel more confident engaging with their doctor.
Tired of Blood Tests Results Leaving You Scared and Powerless?
We exist to do the exact opposite - provide comfort, clarity and control. Our Blab (Blood lab) Cards  are comprehensive guides, health trackers, checklists and physician question lists designed by female health experts to help you understand your results.

Gone are the days of crying over incomprehensible reports filled with technical jargon and numbers that don’t make sense. We equip you to fully grasp what’s happening in your body by helping interpret test results and then we offer you solutions to improve upon. Knowledge is power and we unlock it for your benefit.

From cholesterol and diabetes markers to dietary needs and thyroid health, get simple, easy-to-reference resources that finally help important screening tests improve instead of induce anxiety. If better comprehension leads to better health, consider us your new secret weapon. 

  • Screening Checklist: Your choice of fillable age-appropriate download.
  • Screening Questions: List of age-appropriate screening questions for your physician.
  • Blab Glossary: Most common blood work terms.
  • FREE: Downloadable meal and exercise plan to implement NOW!
  • ACCESS: to Private Facebook community to discuss and learn lab test results, what they mean and what to do about them.
  • ​Unlimited Updates: For any changes to any recommendation or add-ons, you will automatically receive an email notification to update your download.
How does it work?
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Don't miss a beat: Stay on top of your health with our comprehensive guide to age-appropriate screenings, vaccinations, and expert questions.
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Become your own health hero! Ask informed questions with our comprehensive library and track your health journey effortlessly with our customizable tracker. It's the ultimate duo for managing your (or your loved ones') health information!.
Your portable health companion: Access your chosen packet instantly and conveniently on any device. Taking control over your health has never been so accessible and flexible.
Blood tests like certain foods. 
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